eSTI2 has developed modular non-invasive, easy to use, sample collection devices. The collection device collects 4mL of urine and has an optional swab attachment for female use. The device performs lysis of the sample to release cellular content into free solution and incorporates a discrete wash buffer. The sample collection device uses a standard fluidic connector to attach onto the microfluidic cartridge.

Sample Collection Devices 
 Microfluidic Cartridge

Two nucleic acid extraction methods have been developed at Brunel University using superparamagnetic beads and a biopolymer membrane. The first method utilises the Boom method to adsorb DNA in a single chamber device. The second method requires a cationic biopolymer membrane embedded in a polymer microfluidic device. The membrane adsorbs DNA at low pH and at a high pH releases DNA into solution. Both methods have been automated and have been shown to have similar extraction efficiencies to commercial nucleic extraction methods.