The introduction of a mobile phone self-testing and on-line clinical pathway for STIs (eSTI2) may impact in a complex manner on test uptake rates, partner notifications and treatment completions. Test accuracy will also affect the level of missed cases and over-treatment, influencing longer-term health outcomes and NHS costs.

Early-health technology assessment is being undertaken to evaluate the likely cost-effectiveness and broader social & ethical implications of eSTI2.

Research outputs will include:-

  • A health technology assessment framework and evidence requirements for evaluation of eSTI2 testing and treatment.
  • Identification of key organisational barriers and enablers to successful NHS adoption.
  • Assessment of the cost-effectiveness of introducing eSTI2 for Chlamydia screening in different mainstream NHS practice scenarios.
  • Valuation of attributes which influence young people’s preferences for an eSTI2 service (discrete choice experiment.)

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