eSTI2 via BARTS Health NHS Trust Sexual Health Services have been awarded the Royal Society for Public health Innovation Award 2016. A full description can be found at:

Dr Pam Sonnenberg and her team, part of the eSTI2 consortium have been awarded the Rosalind Franklin appathon prize for the eSexual Health app. This web app enables a person testing for chlamydia to get their results, and care online, by following and automated clinical consultation, leading to collection of antibiotics from community pharmacies.

Professor Claudia Estcourt’s group at QMUL, part of the eSTI2 consortium has won the Proof of Concept Project Award at the QMUL Engagement & Enterprise Awards for their work on the online eSexual Health care pathway.

Proof of Concept Award

July 2015

eSTI2 exhibited at the Research Council's "Research, Innovate, Grow conference" on 2nd July:

June 2015

eSTI2 has been awarded the Cathy Harman Award | Sexual Health for the eSTI2 Chlamydia Online Clinical Care Pathway.

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